SHERIA NGOWI
La Princessa's Interview with one of Bongo's most aspiring Designers, Mr. Sheira Ngowi,Founder and CEO of Sheria Ngowi Designs.

Who inspired you to join designing world

Sheria Ngowi
My parents were the one who inspired me since they too had an interest and sense of Fashion and trends at that time. I remember styling my parents before they went out and pretty soon I was the family stylist, Then I realized I had a talent in Fashion and now i become designer..

. How did you start out and were you quickly accepted in the Tanzanian Fashion world?

Sheria Ngowi:
Its a Long Story for Sure But it was 5 yrs bac when I started and Last year I debuted my designs for men, as you can see My designs are heavily influenced by the vintage era. So I blend modern trends with the classics vintage look and incorporate numerous colors. Yah 100% iIwas quickly accepted.

What differences do you think you brought about in the Designing community?
Sheria Ngowi:
Mhhhh... for me I think Fashion is more than the clothes you wear, it's a lifestyle. My goal is to give all the people, especially men & women of color, a platform of inspiration. I will be showcasing all things fashiony and stylish, so step out of your boundaries and try something new and datz the differences i brought in the designing community.

What is your biggest achievement in the designing world?

Sheria Ngowi

I think My Great Achievement is to get ths great opportunity to promote the fashion industry in our country
(Tanzania), as well as Africa and the world as a whole. I am looking forward to being a part of it,and I can see Sheria Ngowi designs being eligible to apply for all the important Fashion weeks hosted around the world,and datz ma dream.
 When I first Saw this guys designs I thought, I know he knows he's good, we just need someone to tell him that the Tanzanians, We see it and so does the rest of the world. Endelea Kupepperusha Bendera Mr. Sheria Ngowi, pepperusha Bendera Bongo's finest designer!
                                                                                 ANISA MPUNGWE

Tanzanian designer Anisa Mpungwe, the creator of the clothing label Loin Cloth & Ashes had a big year after dispalying her work in New York Fashion week February 2010.
In 2008, she won the Elle New Talent competition which attracts young design talent from around the country. Mapungwe's fresh, unique and meticulously presented garments won her the coveted prize of "Young Designer of the Year".

April last year, she showed her second range at the Spring/Summer Sanlam SA Fashion Week.
The collection, titled "Metropolis", depicted the challenges we face today as urbanites in a city imbued with many different cultures and traditions. The designs featured rigid, hard lines and stiff silhouettes, mixed with bright and warm hues.
May last year, Mpungwe's first range with Mr Price, part of the "Project" collection, was distributed in select stores nationwide and in August last year, she showed at Sweden Fashion Week.
The Loin Cloth & Ashes 2010 winter collection, titled "Midnight", was launched in September last year at SA Sanlam Fashion Week and in December last year, Mapungwe was invited to show at Mozambique Fashion Week.

 It was there that she worked with Jan Malan, who suggested to Nduka Obaigbena, the chairman and editor-in-chief of Arise Magazine, that the young up-and-coming designer be invited to show a collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.
 Mpungwe is one of three African designers, including Black Coffee and Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe, to be featured in the AriseMagazine Collective show that will take place this Saturday in the fashion capital.
 Of showing her collection in New York, the young designer said: "I am completely blown away by this experience. My dream is about to come true and I feel that I must sit still and smile, because if I move one inch, the bubble just might burst."
Her designs for the New York show are mathematically draped and she says that much of her inspiration was taken from the Japanese art of origami.

"I'm so pleased with this collection," she says. "I've done my own printing for the first time. I've designed origami birds with my logo on them that appear on the fabric."There's a tear in my eye for this girl, I feel like its my ahcievement!  Pepperusha Bendera Bongo's finest!