Ndebele,Inspired By South Africa

Ndebele Wall art, Where you've seen this...South Africa!!
its a tradition and style of house painting
Lemme take you back a little with History,The Ndebele tribe originally in the early 18th Century lived in grass huts, and it wasn't until they began using mud-walled houses in the mid-18th Century did these symbols begin to be created on their houses and walls. The expressive symbols were used as a type of communication between sub groups of the Ndebele people. They stood for their continuity and cultural resistance to their current circumstances. The Boer farmers did not understand the meaning and only viewed it as cultural art that was not harmful, so it was allowed to continue. These wall paintings done by the women of the Ndebele was their secret code to their people, disguised to anyone but the Ndebele.The vibrant symbols and expressions portray communications of personal prayers, self-identification, values, emotions, and marriage. 
They hold great History right? Yeah.... Mara Hoffman thinks so, her latest swimwear collection is inspired by Ndebele. I cant blame her, the Ndebele prints are beautiful! 
I've seen the Ndebele print on clothes and it looks just fabulous!
Alexandre Herchcovitch spring 2007, just like Ankara, Ndebele print is another hot African Print...
Mara's Collection is pretty damn good i gotta admit
Keep up with the latest trends, rock Ndebele Swimsuits