Beautiufl People Travel free?

So dating websites have come to this? O_O

Would you let a wealthy stranger fly you away for a date? That's what a new website offers, but what are lonely hearts really signing up the world, stay in five-star resorts, dine in the finest restaurants — all absolutely free.And, as if that’s not enough, you get the chance to find the man of your dreams; a super-generous doctor, lawyer, banker or sportsman.We’ve had speed-dating, wine-tasting dating, quiz-night dating and dinner-club dating. Now, apparently, there’s a new way for single women to find Mr Right in the 21st century — Jet Set Dating.
A new website called Miss Travel claims to help women fly around in the world in style, all funded by high-powered men who have everything in their lives except a committed relationship. They either pay for your flights or gift you some of the gazillions of air miles they’ve racked up while making their fortunes.There is, of course, a catch. In order to qualify you have to be what they consider ‘attractive’.