Buying her a drink

Getting a man to buy you a drink at the bar or at the some sort of science to women, its a stepwise process.. and Yes,sometimes my fellow species will drink u wasted and leave u penniless..tsk tsk...and i honestly dont feel bad for the men, they buy women drinks hoping to score and women just take advantage of that..I like Kelly Gatobu's take on it So, how do you do it?Dee: Well first what you have to do is spot your victim, obviously he shouldn’t have a girlfriend with him. Next you have to see if he is interested. This is easy to pick up; usually guys make it obvious by staring or ‘checking you out’. Then you have to make them feel important by smiling and keeping eye contact with the victim and a few flirtatious gestures. Then pretty soon he should walk on over and ask you ‘if you’re thirsty’ or ‘what are you drinking’ or something along that line, thanks to the new single ‘Gentleman’ by P-Unit and Sauti Sol, some even come singing to the lyrics.
Nbee: Is there an unwritten law among girls when it comes to getting bought drinks or does it vary from girl to girl and how easy it is to get men drooling all over you and spending their hard-earned cash on a chick they just met.Dee: I reckon it varies from girl to girl. Some have principles or are waiting for a date. Most guys are out looking to get lucky, or get laid. So one is likely to find a few trying to hit the jackpot on a night out. I’ve even managed 12 shots of tequila free of charge one night, 12 different buyers…and as you guessed it, none scored
Nbee: What’s the most expensive night out you’ve had, at the expense of a guy who thought he was going to get lucky?Dee: Well seriously never been too worried about the cost, but there was one particular night when me and my three girlfriends managed to get a bottle of wine each, loads of Tequila shots, some nyama choma and cab fare. With just a shoulder pat and smile of thanks in return, we were gone! In all honesty, I didn’t even need to know the guy who’s buying us drinks name.
Nbee: What does a guy needs to have to catch your attention or make you interested in him?Dee: Well if I’m only in it for the drinks then, not much. But if I actually want to get to know the guy it’s all about him making me smile and laugh and have an awesome personality, I’m not bothered by looks (well, squint-eyed, one-legged boys are probably not going to attract my attention).
Nbee: Do nice guys really finish last?Dee: NO! Rubbish, they the ones that are the real keepers in the long run. I wish girls knew this. And some advice to the guys out there reading this, NEVER TRUST GIRLS! Don’t Google pick up lines too. Once a guy came up to me and was like ‘if I had legs like that, I’d walk on my hands.’ (I mean, REALLY, that’s completely impractical). That was the lamest pickup line I