Don’t Follow your heart.

 Follow your heart= follow your emotions/feelings. Be aware sometimes the heart is wrong, sometimes right. Following your head =intellect.  When you choose to follow your heart-emotions/feelings just remember..
 When you know something is a weak point in your armor, you protect it. Since your inclination for behavior begins with your emotions, you want to make sure that those emotions are accurate and appropriate. Knowing it can be manipulated, we know it can be deceived - King Solomon
Follow your heart, I’m sure you’ve heard this saying a lot of times, in movies, in songs, in real life. But honestly speaking it is the dumbest advice anyone can ever give you.

Don’t follow your heart, heartily desires, its aches and its wants. The heart is quite misleading. You know sometimes we give in to our desires our emotions while we know from our gut nothing will come of it. But we ‘follow our hearts’ into it and in the end we sob and we cry and we hope we will be all better and then we do it again...its the human cycle.

The thing about being logic is, looking into these wants and figuring out what we need calculating chances and opportunities, losses and gains and weighing them side by side to see which fits better, which we can come winning from. of course, this is the brains job.  When we follow our hearts we walk into things carelessly, see I’m not much of a romantic this is why I say this..Follow your brain.  your mind, coz it will rationally calculate chances and proportions, though some  may say, how so pessimistic of you to challenge fate or destiny that aligns with desires of the heart. I say, heck with that, look what the heart falls for and breaks for.

However life is too short and I will not say YOLO coz Gaddemit it sounds annoying. So if one chooses to follow their hearts, do so, but at least carry your brain along.. . Don’t make empty choices.