My Africa

My Africa Is is an eight-part documentary series taking you on a journey across the continent through the eyes of an insider. 

The series will follow change-makers in 13 cities across sub-Saharan Africa – they are young, doing some really cool things, and starting a new conversation. Their stories are real; some subjects will inspire, others will provoke, but each one will challenge what you thought you knew and reintroduce you to OUR Africa.
Africa isn’t just about how you see it – it’s how you live it. My Africa Is will take you there
Each episode takes you on a trip to a different location, discovering the uniqueness of each city and appreciating Africa’s diversity, as the series brings it all together.
The crew will be visiting 
Yoff and Dakar in Senegal; Monrovia, Liberia; Freetown, Sierra Leone; Bubusua and Accra in Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Luanda, Angola; Johannesburg, South Africa; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Nairobi, Kenya; Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.