Bongo Artistes' Ringtones is worth billions

Zitto Kabwe has been milking this fat cow Ringtone agenda like a maasai and i finally get why...
i say finaly coz i thought his rant was rather annoying two days ago until i decided to look into it..

Investigations conducted by The Citizen have established that the company, OnMobile, which has headquarters in Bangalore, India, works in collaboration with two major mobile service providers in Tanzania.
Each callerback tune costs Sh300. Our source, who asked not to be mentioned, hinted that from the business, Vodacom and Airtel get between Sh20 million and Sh40 million daily, respectively.
Going by the above estimates, the two companies are earning an annual total of about Sh22 billion. But the mobile firms could not confirm this amount.
Officials from both companies, however, admitted they have working relations with OnMobile, but they declined to reveal to The Citizen how much they generate from the business and how proceeds are shared.
Information we obtained indicates that the two mobile phones firms retain between 75 and 80 per cent of the total sales, while OnMobile takes the rest.
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by the way...Zitto is that you?