Cat Meat Vendor in Mombasa Sentenced to 4 month in months in Prison

 cat meat is a popular delicacy in parts of Asia and South America. In Kenya however, cat meat consumption is unheard of even though residents of Kongowea in Mombasa have unknowingly been eating this Asian delicacy. KTN's Asha Mwilu has the details of this bizarre happening.

This Guy, Raphael Maefu admitted to selling one carcass at Kshs100 to traders selling barbecue bitings known as mishkaki.
We have come to this? i'm not shocked though, meat sellers are fishy fishy people, I've eaten buffalo meat before which was passed off to me as beef and once I ate chicken breasts soo skiny that at the end of the meal I was definite i just ate a crow or a pigeon