Rihanna sues Ex Accountants

Boys, girls..you really have to be hands on with your money...you never know whose out to getcha...Rih learned the hard way....Typical Hollywood story if you ask me. Mind on your money ...

When she was discovered at age 16, pop sensation Rihanna had other things to worry about than money. Like many young talents, she hired an accounting firm to manage her accounts.
Now 24, Rihanna has learned about the mystical world of finance the hard way - by apparently getting cheated. 
A suit filed by the pop star in Manhattan federal court this morning says an IRS audit she is now facing is a 'direct result' of negligence by the Berdon accounting firm.
The suit alleges that Berdon - which the Barbados-born Umbrella star fired in 2010 - defrauded her and her company, Tourihanna, out of 'tens of millions of dollars in lost revenues and profits.'
The firm did so by hiding the true state of her finances from her while charging an ' exorbitant and excessive' commission that was higher even than her own income.
The New York Post reports the firm charged a whopping 23 percent of Rihanna's total touring income between 2007 and 20120 - while she received a paltry six percent.
The IRS audit - which is examining her 2008 to 2012 tax returns -  is what triggered Rihanna to examine every transaction the firm performed
on her behalf since 2005. 

Rihanna also blames the firm for a painful $2 million loss she suffered on a Beverly Hills property she bought in 2009. The singer said since-retired Berdon accountant Michael Mitnick specifically told her 'it would be a good investment' while 'failing to explain the true nature of her financial situation at that time.'
She bought the property for $6.9 million - without realizing there was extensive water damaged  - was forced to unload it for a little more than $5 million just this past January.