Meles Zenawi ‘Tweets from Down Under

 image: Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi at his offices in the capital, Addis Ababa, Jan. 10, 2007.

A couple of tweets from The late Meles Zenwai's Twitter caused quite a stir for a while...
The Late Ethiopian 57 yr Old Prime Minster died August 20th 2012 in a Brussels hospital of a sudden infection.
See, Tanzanian MP Zitto Kabwe was just innocently passing his condolences when sadly...he rain into a parody account and all hell broke lose. 
@zittokabwe: My condolences to the people of #Ethiopia following the death of Prime Minister #MelesZenawi Hope for a democratic developmental Abbysinia
Before we knew it @PMMelesZenawiwho was tweeting from down under responded to Tanzania's Member of Parliament Zitto Kabwe:
@PMMelesZenawi: @zittokabwe please be better than I was. Not fun up here I am preparing 2 pay for some of this
 @zittokabwe: @AnnieTANZANIA tweets by @PMMelesZenawi not genuine. Ignore them. Account hacked by his opponents

 @omarilyas: This account is fake from the begining @PMMelesZenawi - a parody type like that one of @Julius_S_Malema @zittokabwe

Maybe its High Time We get African Public Figures Accounts Verified Donchu tink?