Miss Malawi :The Push

” The Pageant Push ” Miss Malawi pushes Miss New Zealand at Miss world !

Susan Mtegah has come under harsh criticism for her Miss world 2012 push.. Miss Malawi Pushed Miss New Zealand out of the spotlight, but apparently she was simply following procedure coz Miss New Zealand Stayed in the spotlight waay to long...

“It is true I pushed Miss New Zealand but not because I was rude but because she was in my close up spot. Each contestant had only 30 seconds to be seen by the world. I told her to move but she didn’t so I had to push her aside otherwise I would have missed my close up. It was said time and time again during rehearsals that no one at any point shall be in a fellow contestants’ close up mark and that if that happens, you had the right to push them to the side and that is what I did"

The 24-year-old Malawi queen added that later at the back stage the Miss World stage director acknowledged that she was right by pushing her to the side.Mtegha said it was sad to note that some of her fellow Malawians wanted her to stand in the background whilst they had mentioned her name.
She said she apologised to her later for her action but insisted she was simply following procedures and that Miss New Zealand also admitted to her she was wrong.

Next time they stand in ya spotlight honey...