Prezzo One Campaign Ambassador

After sadly missing the $300,00 To South Africa's Keagen in the Big Brother Stargame Reality Tv Show..boy wouldn't we have heard the last of that one   Prezzo, real name Joseph Ngechu Makini was rewarded 
One Campaign ambassador slot and told that he would be attending Jay Z’s concert in the United States soon.
He is Celebrity Ambassador for the One Campaign, an organization which campaigns to fight extreme poverty and global diseases..I guess they decided he was just the right person for poverty alleviation following his bragging habits on 'his wealth' in the house....You mind sharing it Prezzo.. To Africa, to alleviate

Cofounded by Bono and other campaigners, ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African policy makers and activists. Bono, Mary J Blige and Nas all sent messages of support to the Big Brother housemates during the task, that saw Prezzo come out tops.