South Sudan Wins Miss World Africa

Hello Miss World Africa!
Miss world Africa Represented at the world stage this year by Atong Demach, South Sudan managed to create history by winning the coveted Miss World Africa prize, also known as the “African Continental Queen of Beauty”, on their first ever shot at the world title. Demach, 24, also won the “Miss World Top Model” prize, a feat that contributed to her gradual progression into the list of top finalists.

China Won Miss World..

Miss World 2012  Yu Wenxia of China next to left second place contestent Miss Wales Sophie Moulds and third place Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty

On The Other Hand Tanzania's Lisa Jensen, Made it To Top Model SemiFinalists
The evening Gown was nothing special compared to how the rest of the contestants went all out..
Philippines, Queenierich Rehman 
Tanzania South Sudan and South Africa were about the only African girls singled out as the Hot picks