We May Be walking on Bombs...

Only in Tanzania...The Masters of Planting bombs and Forgetting where they put them...Since 1902 Till Present. :-)
A live bomb believed to have been used by the Kings African Rifles (KAR),the multi-battalion British colonial regiment that existed from 1902 to the 1960s, has been recovered at Endanoga village, Galapo ward in Babati District, Manyara region August 15th This year when poor old Barie Ibrahim was digging out soil in his farm to make mud bricks. KAR was a British colonial regiment raised from the various British possessions in East Africa. It performed both military and internal security functions within the East African colonies as well as external service. ACP Mpwapwa said  soon after independence in 1961 the ground was being used by the KAR to train Tanzanian military and security personnel.
Barie noticed a metallic element. Momentarily,  he reported the matter to the Endanoga village leadership who in turn reported to the police. Experts identified the bomb as an 8.2 mm mortar.
The police in collaboration with the military personnel from the military managed to detonate the bomb without causing any harm to people.  The police and the military were now carrying out investigations to find out if there were any more bombs in the area so as to prevent explosive incidents and  loss of lives.