Africa in China

To everyone complaining about Crowded China in Africa....Africa is crowded in China too

It is estimated that there are about 750,000 Chinese nationals working in different African countries, and because the "China in Africa" story is ubiquitous - countless newspaper articles and website posts, video clips and the odd documentary - you catch enough glimpses of the individual lives of this large and diverse group of immigrants - traders and entrepreneurs, engineers, construction workers, farmers, restauranteurs, etc. - to start to get an idea of what life is like for them in their new environment. 
 TIA(ThisIsAFrica) presents: Africa in China.

Sierra Leonean Mariatu Kargbo is best known as a competitor in the 2009 Miss World pageant. She has lived in China for 5 years and in that time has established a strong connection with the place and people.
Gabonese Luc Bendza is affectionately referred to by the Chinese as the "African Bruce Lee" due to his Kung fu and Wushu martial arts skills. Starring in big budget Chinese films, Luc has won the respect of the Chinese entertainment industry for his throws, kicks, punches and dedication to the Kung fu way. He's appeared in 20 Chinese films to date, the latest of which is the soon-to-be-released Jackie Chan vehicle CZ12, aka Chinese Zodiac.