DIY HIV tests?


And they shall remove their DIY kits to test everyone they intend to sleep with-i shall call it, The death of condoms...I know its not funny aise...but it makes you think yeah..

Kenyan journalist had her 2 cents to give....
I am not sure whether the honchos at the National Aids and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) will read this. Even if they do not, I will still talk about my misgivings regarding their commitment to make the HIV rapid mouth test kit available in Kenya.
I understand that the kits will soon be available. I found out from NAM Magazine that the rapid mouth test kit was approved by the FDA for use by United States residents.
I do not speak for the Americans, but I will speak for Kenyans. I strongly object to this do-it-yourself approach to HIV testing and fighting HIV. I cannot overemphasise the damage that can be caused by HIV testing that is done by non-professionals, testing that anyone can do in their living room.[Nation]