Hamilton Moves on TO Mercedes

Its all about the money honey..show me a bigger check and we move on...Lewis HAmiltons contract with Mclaren was coming to an end this year and well..he has signed a 3 year deal with Mercedes for next season leaving 7 time champion Michael Schumacer in quite a dilemma on whether to re-retire or move onto another team...Michael has won only one podium this season and his performance not as most anticipated.

Lewis Hamilton's decision to leave McLaren is a "mistake", according to their team principal Martin Whitmarsh.
For anyone leaving McLaren, and [Hamilton] wants to win, I think that's a mistake because I have faith and belief in this team,Whether you measure it over the last four races, four years or 40 years, we're a fantastic team.So I would say to any driver who wanted to win in this sport 'come and join McLaren and aspire to join McLaren.I wouldn't advise anyone to leave McLaren if they want to win, but I've got to respect Lewis's decision and really wish him well.I know we made a very big financial offer, bigger than I believe any Formula 1 driver is enjoying today, other than himself," said Whitmarsh, who acknowledges Mercedes as a "great" team.We were working towards him staying, but we realistically knew there was always a chance he wouldn't.He rang me two days ago, from Asia, and I believe I was the first person he told. We had a long conversation, a warm conversation.He rang me again yesterday and we had another long conversation. In the end, for all parties, you need to make a decision and move on.So we had to look at other options.

Codeword For...Mercedes is giving him more money that we can ever offer. I wonder whats the package