Is British/Canadian desperation for Tanzanian gold a result of recession?

We have to change our policies for this globalization thing to work.It has to be a two way road,we've gotta win something.
No country ever developed economically without closing its borders, raising tariffs, criminalizing capital flight & re-investing the profits into local infrastructure, i.e. schools to train scientists, managers, & engineers, building hospitals, transportation & communication systems, & most importantly, a local language & culture that stresses a knowledge of self, pride, & recognition of the distinction in one's own history & future trajectory. "Kicking Away the Ladder by Ha-Joon Chang

With commodity demand soaring, the world's mining companies are increasingly turning to Africa to deliver resources to growing economies. Foreign investment on the continent has grown 87 percent in the past decade. Major foreign gold companies like Barrick are announcing "too little too late" incentives like increasing the royalty of Gold to Tanzanian government for example, by 1 percent. Tanzania has been selling gold to these foreign mining companies at the price of gold that was in effect some 10-15 years ago when the mining contracts were signed. When the country opened its doors to foreign investment, it had no experience in dealing with multi-national companies. It was duped by the World Bank/IMF advises, which has resulted in them selling gold at the very low price, despite a huge rise in the price of gold over the years.