No Test Tube babies for Tanzania

Maybe we should loosen up a notch ...

Religious leaders in Tanzania have criticised the process of making babies through "test tube" technology saying it goes against the will of God.
They said In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), as the technology is known, was wrong because according to the creator, a child should be obtained through sexual intercourse between husband and wife.
Independent daily The Citizen last week reported at least 270 Tanzanians travelled to neighbouring Kenya to seek IVF services over the last three years (Read: To rent a Kenyan womb)
The service is cheaper in Kenya where there are at least five IVF centres compared to Tanzania's one. The cost also said to be higher in Europe and the US, reports show.
The bishop of Africa Inland Church, Peter Kitula, told The Citizen that the procedure is not recommended in Christianity since people marry to reproduce themselves by way of consummating their marriage and not through artificial processes.