Tanzanian Journalist Brutally killed by Police

 Its quite sad when  the police start misbehaving, shameful! Its about the 8th incident now where police have used force on unarmed men.

It is not yet known what let to the killing of David Mwangosi a prominent journalist with Channel 10 TV station and who the Chairman of Iringa Press Club was also. It was reported by a number of sources present at the office that Mr. Mwangosi approached a group of riot police officers who were detaining another journalist Mr. Godfrey Mushi who works for Nipashe an independent newspaper. Instead of reasoning with Mr. Mwangosi the police took it as a challenge of their authority and they tried to put him under arrest leading to a scuffle between the police and Mr. Mwangosi. 
Tanzanian journalist killed; Police under fire!
 One picture taken by another journalist present shows a Mr. Mwangosi in the middle of about five riot police officers, falling behind while one of the officers had his weapon – probably a tear gas gun- trained on Mwangosi stomach. He was killed instantly after the photo was taken. Another police officer was injured too at the scene and was taken to a nearby hospital.