The Mboni Show...

Yes its heading for season two..but are you excited?
Its a show that i was so excited to see but slowly lost my interest...too little energy, lack of creativity, nothing to add that extra oomph...The Show had us with high expectations, I hope Mboni can rekindle the excitement we had for it in season 2. She tries so hard to be enthusiastic but her guests do not respond neither do the crowd. i wonder if they have the right crowd and right guests for the matters they discuss, and definitely needs more research in the matters she discusses, i mean once they were talking about fast food but said anothing about fast food at all!!Masoud Kipanya and Gardner Habbash (the guests) ended up praising their wives cooking...throughout The entire show!!! O_O   However, i would love to see this show excel, Mboni is so charming and upbeat she can definitely step it up.
The season two topics are quite interesting [check em out here]... i pray she delivers.