1st Tanzanian on Everest!

Wilfred Moshi is the first Tanzanian and third African to reach the peak of this riddle 19 May 2012 (called "Chomolungma" by locals before being baptized name of Everest by the British colonial era)

Wilfred was born in 1979 and compeleted high school at Kilimanjaro Boys, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro when he was 19.

Read his Live feed here while he was en route Everest

For the first time ever in the history of our country, Wilfred Moshi, (who works serving tourists who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro), has set a new record of being the first Tanzanian climb Everest - Mount term win all around.

 Recently, Moshi, was invited to five weeks in England and Scotland to visit schools and meet with approximately 5000 students.

Students wanted to know how she move up through the Mount Everest with 8848 square foot (29, 029). Kuukwea tough mountain than all the world has ever grown and the people from the beginning of 4000 reached the top and Edmund Hillary and Norgay Sherpa in 1953 Tenzig. Out of these 200 people died. This year, four have died if they attempt this activity, which occupies two months and cost U.S. $ 100,000 (157,500,000 million shillings) Compare and Mount Kilimanjaro is five days and cost claims (accompanied by relevant accessories) U.S. $ 2,000 (3 million shillings, 161).

Soon after arriving in Edinburgh, Scotland was invited to parliament and met with the Minister of Justice, Sir Kenneth MacAskill and other officials.The trip was made by an organization of "Come Together" by Mike Knox founded 30 years ago. "Come Together" has built partnerships between students of Scotland and 34 in Tanzanian schools. It is one of the organizations, individuals and donors around the world who have contributed funds to enabled Moshi to climb Mount Everest.

Our British Ambassador, Sir Peter Kallaghe also traveled from London to visit Wilfred Moshi and give compliments. Distance to London Had Scotland are as Dar es Salaam to Kigoma!

Why Moshi is envious climb mountains?

The fact we still do not see the significance (or relevance) of climbing mountains. He says his goal was to fulfill the dream of the first Tanzanian climbing Everest. Second, the growing mountains is one of the ways that can help build community support by virtue of the non-governmental organization (NGO). Ask how he helped so many people should donate money? Third, Moshi has confirmed with heart and effort you can do anything. His courage and strength will help motivate Tanzanians that you want to do anything that you can, so long as you have the heart and mind.

Renowned mountain climbing, Mike Hamill, who has seven major shakwea all the mountains around, he says in his new book ("Climbing Seven Summits") ride mountains are people with a heart to reach goals and succeed in their lives.

 When in UK Moshi climbed Mount Ben Nevis term exceeds this country-the 1344 meters (feet 4, 409). After three mountains afford now, Wilfred Moshi has resolved to climb mountains on all seven continents on earth. He says he kept five mountains: Aconcagua (South America), Kosciuszko (Australia), Vinson Massif (Antarctica) McKinley (Alaska) and Elbrus (Russia).

God bless him with this grassroots feeling and motivation that brings praise.
by Urban Pulse