Heroin Addicts numbers in Zanzibar is one of the largest in the world!

Drug Addiction in Zanzibar is serious, the island has a population of 1 million people and the number of users go up to 10,000. And most cannot afforf rehabilitation centers. Something needs to be done, more free rehabs, more education on this matter. Such a beautiful, such beautiful people, its sad to see this.

So why is Zanzibar – more commonly known abroad for its stunning beaches and historical architecture – affected by heroin so much?
Some of the older, former users I spoke to at Mauly’s Detroit Sober House rehabilitation centre said they remember the first time they ever came across the drug in Zanzibar, in the late 1980s - sailors from Europe would use heroin while their ships were docked at Zanzibar’s port, and curious Zanzibaris started to try it too.
In addition, although the port is small, it lies on shipping routes on which heroin is smuggled from producing countries in Asia to the big heroin markets in the US and Europe, so for many years there have apparently been large quantities of heroin passing through.
But fuelled by cheap prices, little drugs-education and few outreach programmes, addiction has since escalated and Zanzibar has become a substantial market in its own right. Mauly says nearly 10,000 users are each spending at least $6 per day, which means over $20m of heroin is sold in Zanzibar every year. Clearly, some people are making a lot of money from the islanders’ addictions.[AlJazeera]