Banda Claims President JK Played her fool..

lol...was it his Boyish charm?..It was definitely the smile
(you've gotta love this guy)
My brother Kikwete that day on TV assured me (during talks on the sidelines of a Southern Africa Development Community [SADC] summit in Mozambique) that  this is not a question to worry about because there was no question of war between Malawi and TanzaniaWe have received information that if our boat gets anywhere near the border they are going to blow it up,It wasn’t a big issue, now it is. I (have therefore) asked the Foreign Affairs Minister to inform Tanzania that there is no point to continue the dialogue until this matter is resolved becauseI don’t understand why our fishermen must be harassed and abused on the lake.It’s a very serious matter, now it has gone to the next level. [NewsTimeAfrica]
she pulled out of the border disputes talks..We are doomed O_O