Russian Ship with 700 Tonnes of Gold Dissappears

A vessel with a nine-person crew and 700 tons of gold  worth between $200,000 -$800,000 onboard has gone missing in stormy seas off Russia's Pacific Coast.
The ship sent a distress call on Sunday as it was sailing from the coastal town of Neran to Feklistov Island in the Sea of Okhotsk.
The vessel, hired by mining company Polymetal, was carrying 700 tons of gold ore from one deposit to another where it was to be processed. Gold ore is the material from which gold is extracted and contains only a small percentage of the precious metal.
Polymetal's spokesman on Monday would not estimate the value of the cargo.
The company said it has shipped ore via that route before, and there was nothing unusual in shipping it by the sea.

Really made me morning sad and humorous to think of the outcomes...
1. Insurance Fraud at its best
2. Some wise guy thought no one would notice
3. Sadly we cant pin this on on the Somali Pirates ....we have no coverage howsoever on the pacific ocean
4. Re read 1.
5. It was really storm, there was really bad weather conditions and the ship did capsize, in this case..we pray for the sailors.
 I sure hope the 9 sailors will be rescued ...coz you know...everyone will be looking for the Gold, i betcha they're already looking for the gold.
Here's how it will go down. The Mafia will order 2 Tons of diving equipment , Spain will later legally claim it as stolen goods from America after the mafia fail to find it.
And the Captain if found will claim, it never existed.

Jokes Aside We pray for all the 9 Sailors.