Tanzania Ranked TOP 10 best Governed countries in Africa

Tanzania has been ranked among Africa’s ten best-governed countries, a new continental report shows. According to the sixth \\ (IIAG) report, released in London yesterday, Tanzania outshines its four East African Community partner states of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.  The five-year old IIAG provides a comprehensive collection of quantitative data that provides an annual assessment of governance in 52 of Africa’s 54 countries.
I know what you're thinking...its a good thing right?
O_O  But the Biggest question of all is...who did we pay?

 Mr Bashiru Ali of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)  says there are deficits in the IIAG ranking system that render the whole exercise pointless to Africa’s working class.
 I am very concerned with how the Mo Ibrahim Foundation purports to support governance, leadership, development and democracy in Africa,Their index stands in stark contrast to on-going efforts against imperialism by the working population across Africa like the miners in South Africa, war veterans in Zimbabwe, domestic workers in every city and town. 
All Jokes aside, if we're doing that good, Kudos!

The IIAG uses four indices to measure good governance. They include safety and the rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunities as well as human development.The four indices are further grouped into sub-indices with the first index comprising of rule of law, accountability, personal safety and national security.The participation and human rights index comprise three sub-indices of: participation, rights and gender while the index of sustainable economic opportunity takes on board sub-indices of public management, business environment, infrastructure and the rural sector. The fourth index comprises of welfare, education and health.The overall governance score for 11 eastern African nations is 47 points (out of 100) but Tanzania scored an average of 59 points (out of 100). In the same vein, the country’s score is far better than the continental average of 51 points (about of 100).Tanzania’s highest scores in the Safety & Rule of Law and Participation & Human Rights categories, where in each category, she scored 62 points.

source;The Citizen