The Fall

Walking in Heels is can be pretty tricky...some of us have been practicing since 13...some of us still stumble

Australian Prime Minister  paid a visit to the Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi on the final day of her three-day state visit to India and her heels gave her away.She was being escorted to the Presidential Palace by a group of officials when she suddenly fell forward heavily onto the grass, landing on her hands and knees
All bodes well for Ms Gillard after she finishes laying a wreath at Mahatma Gandhi¿s cremation site
Whoops! Ms Gilliard is brought to heel as her shoes prove no match for the grass
Oi there mam Prime Minister...
'It¿s ok, it¿s ok', Ms Gillard can be heard saying as recovers from her dive
The politician lies on the ground, taken aback by her quick fall
Rescued! The red-faced Prime Minister is lifted back up by a companion
As advisers gather around, the offending heel that brought down a minister can be seen behind her
Carry on minister: The coterie continues its walk, hoping to put the small slip-up behind them
‘I’m fine,For men who get to wear flat shoes all day every day, if you wear a heel it can get embedded in soft grass and when you pull your foot out the shoe doesn’t come and the rest of it is as you saw.’

ahhh, heels are indeed..Rocket science