The Marshall of Finland

Here's the Deal...
YLE ( Finland's national public-broadcasting company) has released a trailer for themovie "The Marshal of Finland", where a Kenyan actor does the role for Mannerheim.
Funded by the Finnish Broadcasting Company the movie brings you an outsider's perspective to the Marshal Mannerheims life. The film has been carried out mainly byKenyans. Directed by Gilbert Lukalian. Marshal Mannerheim acted by TelleySavalas Otieno (Kenya). Movie producer Erkko Lyytinen says that for Finland it's nationally very important thing that this first Mannerheim film will be completed. Premiere will be in late September.
Poll made by finnish magazine (Iltalehti) tells that 90% of finnish people will not watch this movie. Director of the movie has also received lots of hatefull feedback.

The Finns are devastated with the films some are so disapointed they took their woes to social networks, Some even boycotted the film..
Though I dont really get.. Kenyan Guys playing Finnish roles and they feel insulted.
We've seen Americans play South Africans (Winnie) Americans Play British (The Kings Speech) and believe so many more countries play global roles...Is it so strange for Kenyans Finns in a Historical Finnish Film?