The Web Revolution

"CommGraphic comparing internet and mob users in 2006 and 2011unication is everywhere in Tanzania," says Science Minister Makame Mbarawa.
"All mobile phones around here have the internet.
"Villagers are using the internet and their phones to find out the price of things at the market before they even set out.
"Farmers are using the internet to plan better for what weather is coming."
Phone apps have been developed to help farmers, but it is hard to judge how successful they will be.
Mr Mbarawa raises an important point about the internet in Tanzania: It is almost exclusively mobile; fixed lines connected to homes hardly exist.
So while mobile phone companies have been happy to link up to the new fibre-optic cable to boost their data coverage, they tap into only a fraction of the cable's potential.
What the government really wants is to connect all schools, colleges and universities, and create scientific research centres and modern public libraries.
It wants hospitals and health centres linked up, and wants to bring cheap, quick internet connections to everyone in Tanzania.
To do this will take time. The cable-building project is still not finished.
The first two phases are complete, connecting the biggest cities and most of the regions.
The next two phases, building data centres and linking up remote villages, are in progress. Some 2,500km more cable still needs to be laid.