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Juju is now a threat to national security in Tanzania!

 a recent count reveals at least 200 people have been murdered in superstition-related killings over the past nine months. Over 1,400 people suspected of engaging in witchcraft have been killed between January 2010 and September this year according to the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC).Most of them – 600 – were murdered between January and November last year. During the same period a year earlier 579 citizens lost their life in gross nationwide violations of due-process simply because they were thought to be sorcerers.
In the five-member East African Community (EAC) Tanzanians were said to be the most superstitious and ranked third across the board after Senegal and Mali. The study, titled Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in sub-Saharan Africa, was conducted in 19 countries across the continent.
Nine out of every 10 respondents from Tanzania told Pew-Templeton researchers that religion is important in their lives, yet an overwhelming 60 per cent said they consulted traditional healers when they or someone close to them got sick. They also admitted to keeping amulets and other ‘magical’ tidbits in their homes and to taking part in ceremonies to honour their forefathers.
The survey involved some 1,504 Tanzanians of whom 907 were Christian and 539 Muslim. It established that although many Tanzanians are deeply committed to Islam or to Christianity they continue to cherish traditional beliefs and practices.