These Days Africa has a new image

That's according to Canada's iPolitics
We are experiencing what i like to call 'a facelift'. but of course.
Looks like...The Canadian Press have just very recently 'discovered' Africa.

Africa no longer needs your help. It needs your investment.That was the message at the Canadian Council on Africa’s 10th anniversary symposium at the Château Laurier Tuesday afternoon, which brought together African ambassadors and Canadian business people in a tête-à-tête over the continent’s changing economic paradigm — and how slowly average Canadians are warming up to the shift.Six of the world’s ten fastest growing economies in the last decade were in Africa, according to The Economist magazine, and Canada is angling for a piece of the pie after years of winding down its diplomatic presence on the continent.
And it went on...
The continent is less poor, more stable, and its growth is less reliant on resource exploitation than the perceptions of North Americans suggest, said Zemedeneh Negatu, a managing partner with Ernst & Young, in his presentation.
The sector receiving the most foreign direct investment is not the extractive industry but financial services, which goes on to fund the continent’s growing communications interests, said Negatu.
There are more cell phones in Africa than India, he said.
“Africa is not poor,” he said to applause from attendees after pointing out that the continent’s total GDP is over $2 trillion – again larger than India’s.

But they had me at 
Earlier this week, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation announced that its leadership prize, a cash award for any African statesman who peacefully hands over the reigns of power, failed to find a recipient this year. A winner has been announced for only three of the past six years.