Vandalized Churches

It all started when two kids in Mbagala were playing had a lil misunderstanding over the holy book and one kid (Christian) peed on the other kid's (Muslim) Quran, which i must say is very distasteful and Terrible, then again...they're children.
However to Vandalize burn down and destroy 7 churches because of that is totally unnecessary and uncalled for, if Say, a Christian Vandalized a couple of mosques in the city... It would be a deathwish. I dread to think it was Muslims who used the claim 'supporting their religion' to vandalize these churches...i greatly believe it is just people who used the pressure  as an opportunity to vandalism. Why dont we all just get along?

Among the Churches destroyed  were KKKT church in Mbagala, TAG, Roman Catholic and Anglican church of Mbagala.

The President passed by to look at the destruction and had his to say
 I came to give condolences to the event occurred. It brings shame and embarrassment to the nation of Tanzania.
It is an event that puts a spot brotherhood and friendship between Muslims and Christians in the country lasting for many years past. It is true that the young man who urinated on  book the Koran made ​​a mistake, but the fault was already taken to legal instruments.
The act of attacking churches that does not even match up  boy to the boys actions. I'm told already 122 people have been arrested and 36 of them are those who have been around the church, I want to ensure that strict action will be taken to all those involved.
My prayer is for leaders to face the challenges of working in difficult circumstances. The decision to invade the churches and do damage is a wrong decision.
I dont expect a church can be encouraged to take revenge for this incident as revenge for not helping much and instead we will continue disrupt our country;s peace. This action can create an image that there is a great conflict between Muslims and Christians in our country of Tanzania, which is not correct. I Assure you everyone responsible for this wont  walk Scot free. Even those who were responsible for not giving instructions to organize this will be arrested and dealt with. I beg you to let the legislatures operate it. It is a bad thing is a matter of shame and disgrace for the country of Tanzania.