What would you do for a Day Off?

We've all  made up excuses for a day off...I've  killed (literally)  very many already dead Relatives and even re-killed them when i had to...but this one, it takes the cheese...this one i never thought of... Sheila Bailey Eubank  from San Antonio claimed she was kidnapped!
Sheila Bailey Eubankshe claims that a man abducted her and forced her to drive him to various locations for what she says were drug deals. She also claims that the man assaulted her, tried to choke her with a rope, tied her up and left her in the car before a policeman on patrol eventually found her. However, officers have since found a lottery ticket that was purchased within the hours that she claims she was kidnapped, as well as CCTV footage buying it which shows her ‘healthy, unhurried, and pleasant with the clerk’. Police have also reviewed footage from the Security Service Federal Credit Union where Eubank claimed she was abducted. While it does show that she withdrew money from the ATM there, police say there were no signs that anyone else was with her.According to police, when Eubank was confronted by investigators, she admitted to making up the story, saying she wanted attention and a day off work.