Katt Williams in trouble...Again!

Well,this time he allegedly punched his personal FEMALE assistant and she's suing him for $5 Million for the beat down n causing permanent injuries...yeah u saw it right...$5Mil.
I can picture his face expression when he found out he's being sued for $5mil..

That is some saaaad issue...but guess what!..there's a funny side to it,hell, you a comedian,making jokes at others,well,at times like theeeese,gotta get back some of what you giiive...read some of the comments...funny pple,.

.Oh, please! What "permanent damage" could this little turd do? 
.Harvey, since you are a lawyer and all...does this mean the ladder he had to stand on will be charged as an accessory?  
.Katt to short to box!
.Will be changing name to Katt Nip when he ends up in prison.

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