Le Sapeurs on CNN

They made it Magazines, Music Video..now inside Africa  (takes its viewers on a journey across Africa, exploring the true diversity and depth of different cultures, countries and regions) was in Congo...destination Kinshasa
"Les Sapeurs" can be seen strutting their stuff in Kinshasa, DRC, decked out in name brands, three-piece suits, and flashy accessories.
Keys and suspenders adorn these two "Saps" who strike their distinct poses.
In one poor neighborhood bystanders watch Papa Griffes, the leader of one group of Sapeurs, as he strikes a pose.
Even with widespread poverty surrounding them the Sapeurs revel in an opportunity to show off their expensive threads.
Name brands like Gucci are displayed boldly on belts, suit labels and sunglasses.

I could use that money to help with the war that is happening in the East but [they're] so expensive it might hurt people's feelings- Papa Griffes, Sapeur
The capitals of Kinshasa and Brazzaville on opposing sides of the Congo River became centers for a new African francophone elite, flying to Paris and returning to show off sophisticated garments.For the first time in the modern era, the Congolese were empowered after decades of brutality and economic subjugation enforced by foreigners. Papa Wemba, the famous singer credited with popularizing the Sapeur look with his group Viva La Musica, says inspiration partly came from his parents who took great pride in dressing up on Sundays back in the '60s, "always well put together, always looking very smart."

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