My juice

Please dont overthink the post title..thank you.
 TOday I feel like dishing on blogs/websites i go through a lot and why... 

Mbabaziannet.Unsung Dots
unsung dots

By Far, My favorite personal blog


Insane cutthroat African Fashion..Wicked!!

Africa is a country

Very Informative for Africans in the Diaspora and All things African 


News, plus she's gorgeous!


Her last name is Fashion...she's fun upbeat and she sings! her fashion picks are the truth.


I heard she was born with Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a little lanvin belt...yes..that fashionable

peep below...the list goes on and on and on...


I love her show...
My Fave interview was one she did with ALi Kiba...


She tells me where to go every truth with no apologies + People And Events all thing Dar Es Salaam


Mother Bloggie...the first time i asked what a blog is...they showed me 8020


re-read above statement 
the first second time i asked what a blog is...they showed me 8020  michuzi...behold
Its not true unless you seen it on Issamichuzi

Total Knockout

She is a Knockout babe! Beauty  + Brains

Vijana FM

They talk common sense. Make you think. I'm  big on matters concerning my country, economy, social , politics and they deliver. 


This woman tho...crazy,her and her parting


I would never be caught dead buying their papers..but one of my guilty pleasures is peeking in their site.. their headlines are twisted funny!! click click click..


The wit and humor she adds to solid truths makes an amazing pinch to what she has to say, forces to digest and not just swallow. One of the handful female political analysts that gets to me

It's Dar

Dar Es Salaam in pictures..I.LOVE.IT....

Teddy Kaegele

Everything Entertainment everything style


we dont have many environmental blogs and its sad... this one is very informative on all matters about our current environment...if we were gonna have a tsunami I'd probably believe it after I hear it from Hasina.


Love her fashion Sense


I take finance tips from her

Chef Issa.Active Chef

I learned how to make many Tanzanian meals from him, he makes food look so damn sexy.

Sheria na Mavazi

Papa Fashion


She's a designer too..i love her work!


This woman is

Mvuto Kwanza

Great Fashion sense...great designer..that single button kid

Kulikoni Ughaibuni.Chahali

Everytime i need a truthful view of things,siasa, uchumi,Tanzania...Chahali is hard hitting

Drop In,EmmyRemman

Waaay different from all Tanzanian bloggers out there...a breath of fresh air


I used to think Mange was the queen of drama and controversy...i stand corrected, Sinta takes the cheese...extreeeeeeeeeeem drama queen haha
still waiting on that movie


Big on entertainment Tanzanian 'E' 


Quite interesting Photo Blog 


The realest Tanzanian blogger out there...

Anitha's closet

Her life is addictive to read, from all her trips to Tandika and Karume...getting awesome attire at crazy her daughter's cameos...

Hungry Aba Gal

Her Videoblogs are hilarious, i always look forward to em....her personal blog is great too
Thats all FOLKS!