Peak:Black Fashion Week Paris

What is it:
 The first 'Black Fashion Week' in Paris aimed at bringing African talent to a global audience.

Whose the Mastermind:

Adama Ndiaye Senegalese-born French fashion designer launched the event to showcase the best the continent has to offer but dismissed criticism that it excluded others who were not black (Adama Paris label owner and has organised Senegal's Dakar Fashion Week for the past decade.)

Why Black Fashion Week?:

"'Why not a White Fashion Week?' some have asked. But Paris Fashion Week is already white!"- Ndiaye

We wanted to simply promote beyond African borders designers who are well-known in Africa or in their country but who don't have access to the global market,
Even when designers put together collections, they were often unable to sell them, fashion week was not just an opportunity for designers.For the models, the majority of them black, it's also an occasion to get on the catwalk since most of the shows look for more expensive white models -- some of whom dropped out of 'Black Fashion Week' to do better-paying gigs,

Adama held a Black Fashion Week in Prague last year and will take the show to Montreal in November and Brazil's Salvador de Bahia next March, said the fashion was not only intended for black people.

These designs are not made by blacks for blacks.