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They Say you can tell the price of a dress by just looking at it... And since we're feeling mythbusterish today...lets see if you really can 

Price Tags are £10, another £100 and  £1,000
Pin The Pricetag on the dress ...no cheating... see the answer below
With price tags varying from pocket change to bank loan, these three outfits could help see you through the festive party season

£10This is Outfit B, seen in the middle photo.The strapless, stretch jersey dress with a sequinned bodice and peplum detail, from fashionunion.com
£100You’ll find this dress on the left — Outfit AThis party frock, with a stretch lace overlay and a lambskin leather peplum from Zara.

Designer Look: £1,000Finally, it’s time to flash the cash on Outfit C  — this 100 per cent wool shift dress by Turkish designer label Dice Kayek at Fenwick of Bond Street.The elegant shaping on this dress was down to intricate yet understated seaming and pleating, while a full lining in 100 per cent silk helped the fabric to hang properly on the body.