Swahili Fashion Week Launch Party

                   La Princessa World Got Nominated Swahili Fashion week 2012 awards Category, Fashion blog of the year. I was sorta in disbelief you have no idea! Thank You Thank you Thank You everyone who put me up there,it didnt really sink in that we've been nominated till i got up there to speak then was like 'shit this is real init' and my tummy only then decided 'we now shall play the songs of our people and did a lil dance'....now comes the hard part... actually winning..we need votes people 
                                                 Jessie and I got some Leg lol....

I and Maycharles

If you're wondering where you've seen this dress before...it was on Kim Kardsashian in White. And thats Chanel.  May I cant youuuuuuuu