Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

when I was younger I used to think that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people and thats how the world works nothing less nothing more. Little did I know that it wasn't that simple, everything is not in clear matter of black and white.

And my 6 year old definition of bad people and good people was pretty simple, bad people do bad things good people do good things. But who are bad people? And who are good people? And who gets to decide this and how do we know? Its simple...society decides for us...and society is not always right.

My grown up definition of good people was different, good people were people who smiled when they really didnt want to, played along with your lies just so you wont feel bad, do things for others when they can, put you first when you dont deserve it, follow the right never break a rule...that was good people to me. And when bad things happened to such people, it always broke my heart and I questioned but why? Then a little reality kicked in. We dont know for sure who are good people and we dont know for sure who are bad people.
I always used to wonder, why do bad things happen to good people? why does God let it happen? But who are good people and who are bad people and who is it that told us that's how life works? We feel that because someone is good they deserve all the good in the world and vice versa but then life was never that simple, ...maybe they were meant to happen maybe there was reason behind it that we wont understand just yet. And maybe sometimes what we think is bad is actually good.  Think of it this way, what is the purpose of suffering? 

I mean, sometimes people shoot birds they cant even eat. Sometimes absolutely innocent people get the worst thing happen to them...life aint fair? We cant cry about it, self pity wont take you anywhere but depression, so we keep on living. What about the girl who got fired in her 7 year old job and started her own company. Does life always opens other doors when it closes some? 

And then we can say we dont know much about who is 'good people' and who is 'bad people' anymore because my 6 year old definition of them has changed, good people now do bad things to balance themselves off and bad people now do good things to look good. But who are we to judge? We dont know who are good people and bad people all we know is we like that person and we feel it is not fair that life is handing them lemons. But that's just how the cookie crumbles...So Let them make juice.