Yoko Ono For Opening Ceremony

This holiday season, Opening Ceremony teams up with Yoko Ono to create a very special apparel collection, available exclusively at OC. Titled “Fashions for Men 1969-2012,” the limited-edition line is based on a book of hand-drawn illustrations that Yoko presented to John Lennon on the occasion of their wedding. 43 years later, Yoko and OC have worked together to bring her sketches to life!

Apparently OC didnt get the memo....no one saw those sketches in 43 years coz John hid them! 

And the're  just in time for the holidays...
not that i expected something normal or anything..but crotch grabbing pants. Oh heavens me.

Ahhhh...there are some fresh $250 pants i could my lil cousins For Christmas..

Oh wait.. No.