Africa has an alternative to Europe

“A continent which has a real economy with tangible assets”, he explains, “in a world where the economy is tending to become virtual and where the financial system is based on the intangible. Yet Africa is real, with its population, its mineral resources and its land. It is high time that Europe recognized that it is the continent of tomorrow. Partners should change their approach. China, India – the BRIC group of emerging countries – have money and invest in Africa. For the first time, Africa has an alternative. “We are seeking a win-win partnership, on every count”, he insists, “Africa has something which Europe needs.”
 -Ekoko Mukete(the Honorary Consul of The Republic of Turkey to The Republic of Cameroon; Resident in Douala. He is also the General Manager of the SPECTRUM GROUP of Companies since 1994, as well as Vice President of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts. He also serves as Chairman of the Governing Council of TECHNONET Africa - a United Nations Development Program project based in South Africa)