African Papers Need to Do More Research

Apparently so Many African Papers published this story about Mike Tyson's Sex Change that its embarrassing how much African papers just carry news from international news websites with no research! 
It would take just 5 more minutes to browse on and realize the website they took the news from is a satirical website
                       Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson pictured in April 2012
Several online newspapers in Africa have published a spoof story about former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson having a sex change.The article first appeared on the UK satirical website, NewsBiscuit, at the end of November.It was then published by Zimbabwe's Standard on Sunday and picked up by the SpyGhana news website on Tuesday.NewsBiscuit said their site kept crashing on Wednesday because of increased hits from Africa."We've had half as many visitors from Africa in the last few days as we'd expect generally in a whole month," comic writer John O'Farrell from NewsBiscuit told the BBC.He said the story had been viewed more than 50,000 times in the last few days, about 20 times more than is usual.The spoof article said that the boxer would now be known as Michelle and was feeling fine after undergoing a 16-hour operation.Versions of the story have appeared in the sport sections of the Standard and SpyGhana.An online search also shows that the Zambian news website Zambia Watchdog carried the story on Monday, with the headline "Mike Tyson sex change operation 'a complete success', say surgeons", but the link now says the page cannot be displayed.