Beauty talks:Winfrida Dominic's Missology interview


I believe every human being has the power to control  his/her mind and achieve anything they set their mind to. Sometimes like everyone, I make mistakes which is a normal thing but I don’t let the mistakes I make stop me  doing what I’ve planned to do-Winfrida Dominic, Miss Universe Tanzania 2012
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The unique beauty of Winfrida Dominic will truly make her a standout at Miss Universe 2012 making her own mark in the world of international beauty pageants. Beautiful, lithe and confident, there is a huge potential that she will put her country back in the game. She is already earning praises from beauty watchers and there is no doubt she will soon be creating waves in Las Vegas.
1. Who do you think is the sexiest man alive?
I haven’t met one yet ;-) and I don’t trust photos! So I reserve my comments for now!
2. If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?
I think that more or less we set the rules ourselves and we set limits to our own lives. For now I do not think that there is anything that I wanted to do that I didn’t do!
  3. What is the most difficult thing you did to prepare for the Miss Universe pageant? Why did you do that?
The difficult thing I had to do was to diet. I had to maintain my looks before the competition which was kind of hard because I never dieted  before. It was not that I needed to loose weight but I had to firm up and tone my body.
4. What has been the biggest disappointment in your life? Why?
My biggest disappointment was when I didn’t pass my History midterm exam, because I’ve been an A student always.
5. If you were given 1 million dollars how would you spend it in just one day?
Since anything I buy wouldn’t last and 24 hours isn’t really long enough for a vacation. I don’t think I would do anything. Just spend the day with my family and save the money ;-)
6. What does loving a boyfriend mean to you?
Having a boyfriend to me means; being his best friend, spending time together, getting to know each other on a deeper level, helping each other out.
7. Any beauty secrets that you would like to share the readers of Missosology?
Beauty is an important part of making a person feel good about themselves, but many times people get frustrated because they do not have the right information and sometimes they do not have sufficient resources when it comes to beauty. But my advice is simple: drink plenty of water, do not use too much cosmetics, soap etc  in order to have beautiful skin. I use naturally occurring substances like fruits, flour, vegetables. And however unbelievable it sounds but I know that there are girls who need this beauty advice: Don’t go to sleep with your make up on!
 8. Tell us about the most beautiful place in your country?
The most beautiful place in my country is called Ngorongoro Crater. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is located between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara within Tanzania’s famed Northern Safari Circuit. It is home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater, which is the largest unbroken caldera in the world. The Crater has one of the most breathtakingly beautiful safari scenery, it is also ideal for big game viewing and home to the world famous pink flamingos. This is undoubtedly the best place to see black rhino as well as prides of lion that include the magnificent black-maned males. Other game that can be viewed during a Ngorongoro Crater safari include leopard, cheetah, hyena, elephants, warthog, impala, buffalo, hartebeest, eland and lots of other members of the antelope family and smaller mammals of sorts.
9. Tell us about your mantra or secret to success.
I believe every human being has the power to control  his/her mind and achieve anything they set their mind to. Sometimes like everyone, I make mistakes which is a normal thing but I don’t let the mistakes I make stop me  doing what I’ve planned to do
10. When was the last time you cried? Why?
The last time I cried was August 2012.I was supposed to take part in Miss Supranational in Poland but my Visa was late and I couldn’t  participate into Miss Supranational. I cried because I was very disappointed.
 11. What do you like to do for fun with your friends?
I normally watch movies when I’m with my friends.
 12. Miss Universe Organization now allows transgenders to compete in their pageant system, what’s your take on this?
It’s their choice on how they want to live their life. If they’re happy and they are not harming other people, then we shouldn’t judge them or their life decisions. It’s up to them, to live their lives the way they judge it to be right. I don’t mind them competing.
13. What would you say to someone who thinks you’re not qualified or pretty enough to represent  your country in Miss Universe?
Oh I have heard it all! Honestly I learnt always to be happy, patient, to be myself and to be positive because I will never be able to please everyone. I know that I was born with unique features and characteristics that make me have what it takes to succeed.
  14. What qualities do you feel you have that would make you a great Miss Universe?
My imposing African look and my absolute focus on being an ambassador for young women around the world. I am blessed with a unique face, bone structure and  my personality exudes charm and quiet confidence that makes heads turn wherever I appear. It is this confidence and charm that won the hearts of not only the judges but the audience of Miss Universe Tanzania. I am sure I can charm the fans, audience  and judges of Miss Universe in Las Vegas.
 15. Please send your special message to all your Missosology fans.
Before I became Miss Universe Tanzania I didn’t even know that a website like Missosology existed, now that I know I am absolutely amazed about what a great site this is and the forum is also full of information. I however limit my visits at the forum because I sometimes read some very negative comments but overall I am just overwhelmed by the LOVE I get from Missosology fans. Thank you for the love and support – I love you all!