Conspiracy Theories: The Congo War

The damned if you do damned if you dont moment has come.. super powers of the world under pressure for not stepping in the Congo war. And world's silence is questioning enough..The last Congo war killed at least 5.4 million people thats almost as terrible as the world war II ... A new war has begun... and the world powers seem to be passing it by, this leaves people questioning on the silence of these nations turning a blind eye on Congo and limited media coverage on the war, Its not Syria or Gaza which are also calling for intervention and we cant say they're  rating human suffering at these areas so as to determine which one is worth intervention but lets look at a trend that took me a while to come up with ahem ahem...

alot of oil> alot of intervention NATO UN AU 

 traces of oil< little coverage, talks on intervention

 Allies involved, NO OIL AT ALL= Complete zero intervention

I kid. There is Oil in Congo. 1.94 billion barrels a year. Fifth sub saharan Oil Producer in Africa..this is strange why no intervention then O_O 
Does Congo lack Economic interest or is the world as confused as we are on who the bad guys are so we can get em.
Is Intervention all about economic interest and securing allies? Maybe so.
coz according to a UN report the rebels in the Congo war are being backed by Uganda and Rwanda and well Usa is busy chasing little Kony in the bushes of Uganda and writing reports on how beautiful and smart and Kagame is...have u guessed the answer now?
but then could just be conspiracy theories..

Rebels in the eastern DR Congo say they have begun withdrawing from territory they captured from government troops. About 500,000 people have fled their homes during seven months of fighting. The violence has been particularly disturbing, coming less than ten years after the end of the Congo War that killed some 5.4 million people. The US dispatched a state department official to the region but has been careful to spare its allies anything beyond symbolic sanction, even after a UN report concluded that Rwanda and Uganda are backing the M23 rebels