Nick Cannon's Sex Life Details; There was no Sex Life Before Marriage with Mariah

Nick Revealed on the Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM Satelite Radio that he and Mariah only got intimate After Marriage.Wow. And that they make love to Mariah's Music
Candid: Nick Cannon discussed intimate details of his sex life with wife Mariah Carey on Tuesday's Howard Stern Show on Sirius Xm
Overshare: Cannon revealed he and wife Mariah Carey, pictured together last month, like to make love to her music

The couple wed in the Bahamas back in 2008 after a whirlwind six week romance, but Cannon revealed on Tuesday that they waited to tie the knot before becoming intimate. 
'I knew what her values were,' he told Stern on his Sirius FM radio show, revealing the couple 'just made out' before getting married.
He also added
 The couple have sex to Mariah's albums, usually a mixture of Honey, Dreamlover, and Fantasy.'You know how it goes. Sometimes there's special nights when you turn the music on,' he told Stern.