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Shoppers goes M-Pesa as customers get free Tsh1000 airtime through M-Pesa purchases.
·        M-Pesa customers can now purchase groceries at Shoppers Mikocheni or Masaki and get free airtime worth Tsh1000.
·        This free airtime is applicable to all purchases made to over 200 other merchants accepting M-Pesa

 M-Pesa users have yet another reason to continue settling their bills and paying for services over the phones, following a move by Vodacom to reward them.
From today, Vodacom customers will be rewarded Tsh1000 bonus airtime once they pay for services or buy goods through M-Pesa. Vodacom M-Pesa has partnered with over 200 service providers who accept M-Pesa as a means of payment; such services include -Luku, TV Subscription, water services, taxes, insurance, Pension funds contributions, donations, loan repayments, airline tickets and newly acquired Shoppers supermarket which is the  first supermarket in Tanzania that allows customers to pay via M-Pesa.
According to Vodacom Tanzania Managing Director, Rene Meza, the bonus is awarded on first transaction of the day per service of biller one buys from.
“If you buy Luku three times in a day for instance, you will get Tsh1000 on the first transaction only. But if you buy Luku and DSTV you will get the bonus airtime for each of the transactions,” says Meza.

The bonus airtime awarded can be used for on-net calling, national SMSes and internet.
“We are proud of our customers and we are happy reward them with this airtime bonus’’ says Meza.
Over the last four years, M-pesa has become ingrained in the lives of many people, efforts to drive access to the product have grown steadily, and Vodacom has managed to build an agent network of over 35,000 outlets, effectively covering the country, and bringing access to the product closer to all customers.
Approximately Tsh35billion is transacted daily through M-Pesa, a fact attributed by the service being safe and reliable and is available throughout the country.