The Tanzania Effect

This is really Funny! Apparently some force of magic in Tanzania signs is helping some teams out there Win! Tanzania ni nomaaa ...Tanzania Tourist Board What did you do to those signs aise? O_o 

Ever since the Tanzania ads have been plastering the walls of the CLink this year there has only been one [football] loss by a Seattle Sports team (UW, yesterday). There is a large contingent on twitter led by Alex Akita of Seattle Sports Net (@alexSSN) that believe in the magical powers of the Kilimanjaro, and the Serengeti to propel Seattle teams to victory in epic fashion. –warox13, via Reddit.

For statistical clarity, the Sounders have won four times since Tanzania’s arrival (with wins over Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chivas USA, and Portland), the Huskies thrice (San Diego State, Portland State, and Stanford), and the Seahawks five times (preseason wins over Tennessee and Oakland, regular season victories over Dallas, Green Bay, and New England).

Tony Ventrella goes looking for answers behind the success of the Seattle sports teams at CenturyLink Field this season and as he comes to find out there is a connection to the new Tanzania murals