Why we're not industrilized yet..according to Robert Mugabe

We haven't heard from Mister Mugabe for a while until A few days ago at the Comesa Summit whose theme was Enhancing Intra-Comesa Trade Through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development

While it's true that there is extravagance in Africa in utilising resources, it's the male species that is extravagant.Females are absolutely careful. If they (women) were men, we would have long industrialized women always make sure they provide for their families, but men are different. We men are very bad. We buy Mercedes Benz, suits, shining portfolios and compete to see who has the most recent model of a car. Women don't speak that language. They ask themselves, are my children going to school?

I concur Mister Mugabe.. I concur. Elect more women in your parliament whydoncha...