70 year old Man Marries 15 yr old Girl, Complains on her Depature

I dont know whats more disturbing...The fact that he married a child or that he paid her parents $20,000 and  filed a complaint to officials after she left saying he's been ripped off.

A 70-year-old man in Saudi Arabia is disputing claims his new bride is 15 years old, and says her family has ripped him off for the large dowry he paid for the union.
Human rights workers say the bride is a teenager and are outraged about the situation.
CNN interviewed the man Tuesday, who said he paid a dowry to the girl's parents for the equivalent of $20,000. The marriage came to light when the man complained to a local official after his new wife left him, saying the girl's family had taken her back and he'd been ripped off. He also claimed that he thought she was 25 years old.Her father is believed to be Yemeni, her mother Saudi, the rights workers told CNN.
She is from Al-Hurath village in Jizan province, in southwestern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen